Ruby Red


Annjie Houston


Childhood friends, Daniel Laner and Fernando Fine, have been perfecting their craft since elementary school to create Ruby Red, a voice and soundtrack for early adulthood. Breaking through the indie-pop realm, Ruby Red’s budding sound is filled with limitless opportunity. Transcending genres and atmospheres, the LA-based duo knows how to craft a low-key synthpop masterpiece. Their fresh approach dances through boundaries and intertwines everything from funk and hip hop to Brazilian-disco.

Their latest release, “Superbloom”, was described by FLAUNT MAGAZINE as “a song that is pungent with lust, like perfume filling a room.” Blossoming with possibility, Ruby Red’s fresh tone takes a modern twist on a vintage ambience. Their shiny, homegrown collection of vibing sounds and introspective lyrics are constructed with colorful elements that gleam with potential.

The two are gearing up for 2020 with a follow up to their 2018 EP, Lovelock. After releasing two singles, How It Should Feel & Superbloom, this year, the duo has taken the stage at various venues in California such as The Satellite, The Mint, opening for The Palms & Bay Ledges in San Luis Obispo, CA, and most recently playing Breaking Sound LA at The Peppermint Club.

Ready to take on the new year, Ruby Red is only at the start of their illustrious journey...