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Named for the various elemental twists that rain storms take — from a light inconvenient drizzle to an unequivocally torrential downpour — rising alt-pop duo RAINNE are drenched in emotional catharsis to their core. A weighted darkness is felt everywhere in the Los Angeles-based duo’s sonic universe: the classically trained pair — comprised of singer-songwriter Annie Dingwall and saxophonist/engineer Justin Klunk — blend a sophisticated pop songwriting prowess (and penchant for ear worms that cut) with a late-night-drive of a West Coast mystique that recalls the introspective bops of Bishop Briggs, Dua Lipa and Lorde — “the dark girls” starter kit. “We wanted something that reflected the darker, brooding, moody, aggressive music that we make,” Annie explains of the band’s fully soaked moniker. “A lot of people like rain. It’s not always necessarily in a negative context.”

Justin was born and raised in Torrance, CA, while Annie hails from outside of Dallas, yet the pair’s shadowy torch songs could easily soundtrack grim L.A. staples like Nightcrawler, Drive, or even David Lynch’s noir masterpiece Mulholland Drive. Their slickly murky sound further nods to early-aughts darlings Evanescence, and pop forces like Sia and Imagine Dragons.

The experimental duo first met during a GRAMMY Camp in Los Angeles, the summer before they both started at USC’s Thornton School of Music. “We quickly became best friends and were always together. We joke that Annie forced her friendship on me, because she told me we were going to be best friends,” adds Justin. “It worked.” The fast friends spent their post-graduation years flexing their solo muscles: Annie honed her skills as a solo singer-songwriter, cutting demos for herself and others with stints recording in Nashville and Los Angeles and earning film/TV syncs on American Crime, The Doctors, and Nude, while Justin toured as a saxophonist for the likes of Lindsey Stirling, Tommy Page, Saint Motel and even Ariana Grande during the pop titan’s first album cycle.

RAINNE played together for years — albeit without an established dynamic — before fully cementing their creative chemistry two years ago. “I was in the middle of a three month run with Saint Motel. We were opening for Panic! At The Disco, and Annie just called me in the middle of the tour and was like ‘hey Justin, I have this crazy idea. Do you want to become a band?” he recalls.

The group’s slow-and-steady origin story provided the necessary time and space to find their niche, which began with an array of covers that stretched their deep music theory expertise. After a bit of careful recon, the group linked up with their production partners Ish, a friend of Annie’s who helped steer their electric debut single “Petty,” as well as their current go-to team of PLAYDED (real name Patrick Ridgen) and Petie Pizarro. Lyrically, Annie pulls from an eclectic pool of inspiration. As a “psychological thriller junkie,” she has a keen interest in all things dark and twisted, from true crime podcasts to murder mystery suspense novels. Her ears have always been squarely fixed on pop’s ever-widening landscape, citing the discovery of acts like The Neighborhood and Grimes early on as instrumental in her own songwriting evolution.

The band’s uniquely horn-tinged pop sound coincides with the saxophone’s own pop resurgence in recent years, which has become embraced by acts like Lady Gaga (“Edge Of Glory”), Macklemore (“Thrift Shop), Ariana Grande (“Problem”), Fifth Harmony (“Worth It”) and The 1975 (“She’s American”). “Justin plays his sax through all of these crazy pedals that a guitarist would have, but he does it on a saxophone,” Annie adds, citing the musician’s use of a Wah pedal and Harmonizer to take the instrument “out of its traditional archetype” to use it in a way that transcends its prior limitations.

The fast rising upstart’s ascent has further dovetailed pop music’s own embrace of edgier, experimental lyrics and concepts, which has given a much needed boost to indie acts thanks to the streaming era. “Our stuff has always been more on the dark, moodier side of pop,” Annie says. RAINNE are fully content to live in the space between genres, allowing their shape-shifting live show to speak for itself. “We’ve gone so far away from people’s pre-conceived notions of what we are doing,” Annie says of the palpable “shock” on their audiences’ faces when seeing their non-traditional set-up in the flesh. “It’s hard to imagine until you see it.”

Press Releases

10.19.19//RAINNE Drops Bold and Seductive Single "Sin"

RAINNE Drops Bold and Seductive Single "Sin"

Alt-Pop Duo Release Song Fresh From Their Hollywood Bowl Debut

 Los Angeles, CA -- Just off the heels of their performance at the iconic Hollywood Bowl, RAINNE releases their new single, "Sin." With dark tones and upbeat vocals, this seductive song is sure to make even the holiest sin. Racy lyrics alongside powerful beat-drops, allow RAINNE to create a hot and stimulating song just in time for the colder season ahead. "Sin" is now available to stream and download on all digital music platforms.

Produced by VANYO, "Sin" is full of innuendo and explores the sensual side of entertaining your wildest thoughts with lip-biting notions and bold proclamations. "'Sin' is about exploring your innermost desires by playfully dancing around your most passionate moments," explains lead singer, Annie Dingwall. RAINNE, named for their various elemental twists that rainstorms cause, brings the downpour of emotion in their latest single. The track was written by Annie Dingwall, Shane Steven, and Jakub Vanyo, mixed by Keith Armstong (Pietown Sound) and mastered by Justin Shturtz (Sterling Sound).

On October 19, RAINNE had the privilege of opening up for Taylor Swift, Lizzo, Billie Eilish, Camila Cabello, and more at the Seventh Annual 97.1 Amp Radio's We Can Survive charity concert. "We're so excited to have been able to bring our music to The Hollywood Bowl." RAINNE beat out over 2,700 artists who all competed for the chance to play on the prestigious Los Angeles stage. "The Opening Act competition has helped give up-and-coming artists like us the chance to do what we love at an iconic venue."

Los Angeles-based alt-pop duo, RAINNE are drenched in emotional catharsis and weighted in darkness that can be felt everywhere in their sonic universe. Both classically trained -- comprised of singer-songwriter Annie Dingwall and saxophonist/engineer Justin Klunk -- they blend a sophisticated pop songwriting prowess with a late-night drive encompassing the west coast's charisma. The duo, who met at a GRAMMY camp, played together for years before fully cementing their creative chemistry two years ago. With a successful tour and a few single releases under their belt, RAINNE is ready to carve out their own lane in the alt-pop music sphere.

"Sin" will draw you in with its addictive groove, punchy synths, and saxophone riffs. Stream or download RAINNE's new song now on digital music platforms worldwide. Stay up to date with their latest releases and upcoming tour dates at weRAINNE.com.

08.30.19//RAINNE Gets Personal With Stripped-Down Single, "Hollow"

RAINNE Gets Personal With Stripped-Down Single, "Hollow"

Los Angeles Based Alt-Pop Duo Showcase Their Softer Side  

Los Angeles, CA -- Alt-pop duo, RAINNE are known for their "darker, brooding, moody, and aggressive music" that leaves listeners in a world of mystery. Their latest single, "Hollow" is a refreshing contrast to their catalog. With its delicate, reverb vocals, gossamer piano lines, and echoing drums, RAINNE creates an immaculate musical setting for a song that emphasizes the hollowness one feels when separated from their lover.  Just in time for autumn, a season that demands introspection and internal growth, "Hollow" is now available on digital music platforms worldwide.

"Hollow" has numerous dynamics and lives in a space between genres, allowing it to shape-shift to listeners with diverse musical pallets. "With 'Hollow,' we wanted to craft a beautiful harmonic experience that adds a new dimension to our repertoire," explains lead singer, Annie Dingwall. Lush vocal harmonies, eerie saxophone textures, and a passionate guitar solo only enhance the song's alluring lyrics about a love lost. "Hollow," written by Dingwall, also has a reputable list of outside contributions, including production from Matias Mora (Cyn, Alice Gray), additional production from Justin Klunk and PLAYDED (Patrick Ridgen), mixing from Keith Armstrong at Pietown Sound, and mastering by Justin Shturtz at Sterling Sound.

After meeting at a GRAMMY camp in Los Angeles, RAINNE, (singer/songwriter Annie Dingwall and saxophonist/engineer Justin Klunk), became fast friends with a musical chemistry that artists search lifetimes to find.  They are known for their live shows where Klunk takes on the role as musical director and Dingwall takes on the role of top-line songwriting and visual aesthetic.  There is a frequent and palpable "shock" that many audience members experience when they see RAINNE's unconventional set-up for the first time in person.  Coming off of a short tour following the release of their singles, "Psycho Killer" and "Dirty Little Dream," RAINNE is riding a train that is moving full steam ahead.

Listen to "Hollow" on all available digital music platforms, and keep in the loop with RAINNE's new releases, tours, and promotions at weRAINNE.com.

06.07.19//Rising Alt-Pop Duo RAINNE Drops Mysterious New Single "Dirty Little Dream"

Rising Alt-Pop Duo RAINNE Drops Mysterious New Single "Dirty Little Dream"

Los Angeles Band Takes On The Summer With Latest Single 

Los Angeles, CA - Just in time for the summer, RAINNE delivers the heat in their new single, "Dirty Little Dream."  Featuring dark seductive vocals over a bass line that will rattle the walls, RAINNE brings us to the edge of giving into our desires. "Dirty Little Dream" is now available to stream and download on digital media platforms worldwide.

"Seductive, dark and clever, 'Dirty Little Dream' explores the possibility that your wildest dreams might not be what you expect," explains vocalist Annie Dingwall. "At first glance, it's a seductive song engulfed in passion, but upon further listening, maybe that's only part of the story." Produced by Petie Pizarro and PLAYDED (Patrick Ridgen), "Dirty Little Dream" explores the darker seductive nature of the band's captivating sound. The bold new single is built upon the foundation of progressive bass lines sure to shake the crowds. Coupling this with their inescapably powerful vocals, "Dirty Little Dream" is a vivid portrayal of RAINNE's sophisticated blend of alternative pop and embodies their West Coast mystique reminiscent of Lorde and Dua Lipa.

Named for the various elemental twists that rainstorms take - from a light inconvenient drizzle to an unequivocally torrential downpour - RAINNE are drenched in emotional catharsis. "We wanted a name that reflected the darker, brooding, moody, aggressive music that we make." A weighted darkness is felt everywhere in the Los Angeles-based duo's sonic universe: the classically trained pair - comprised of singer-songwriter, Annie Dingwall and saxophonist/engineer, Justin Klunk - provide RAINNE in the middle of a desert. Outlets such as Earmilk, New Noise Magazine, and more have praised the band's previous release, "Psycho Killer."

Stream or download "Dirty Little Dream" on available digital music platforms and keep up with RAINNE's upcoming releases and future tour announcements at weRAINNE.com.