Biting Elbows


Biting Elbows are an indie-punk band from Moscow, Russia who have been pushing the envelope since 2007. The four-piece band is made up of singer and rhythm guitarist Ilya Naishuller, lead guitarist Garik Buldenkov, bassist Ilya Kondratiev and virtuoso drummer Alexei Zamaraev.

After years of playing the local circuit, the band released their debut EP, The Dope Fiend Massacre in 2011. To accompany the announcement, they unveiled a music video for “Stampede” the EP’s lead single, also known on YouTube as “Insane Office Escape”. A video director by day, Naishuller shoots all of the band’s music videos including “Stampede”, which has over 2 million views on YouTube. As a result of their collection of professionally made music videos and an ever-growing fan base, Biting Elbows was signed to major Russian label, Misteria Records. Since then they have opened for numerous notable artists such as Linkin Park, Guns N Roses, The Cure, Placebo, and more. However, their success doesn’t end there, several songs have had placements in TV and major Russian movies in addition to having a few of their videos in rotation on Russian TV as well as MTV.

In 2012, Biting Elbows released their self-titled, full-length album featuring the single “Toothpick.” The song is based on revenge fantasies that one tends to experience after a painful end to a relationship. Overall, the album received rave reviews, with fans begging for more. In March of 2013, the single “Bad Motherfucker” was announced. The video for the song is actually a sequel to the 2011 viral video for “Stampede” and has been compared to the video game, Mirror’s Edge. The video was shot from the point of view of the main character that is trying to escape the custody of his kidnappers from the previous video. With tons of action, violence, and special effects this video plays more like an action movie and is bound to be another viral video for the quartet.

With several sponsorships under their belt already and an array of invitations to play international music festivals, Biting Elbows are on their way to something big. Keep up with them at