Christian Society

Thus, the involved processes in the humanity in search of full satisfaction directly are affected by factors as the unemployment, the poverty, the violence, the hunger and the education. In the national scene, the unemployment today represents one of the .causing greaters of idleness between the young and takes many of them to the envolvement with drugs and the world of crime. The poverty grows frightfully imposing to a significant parcel of the society to live in full been of misery. The violence in ascension it promotes destruction to the life human being. The hunger kills thousand of children to each minute and the education in the precarious form with that she has been offered is perhaps the responsible greater for this reality of poverty.

Ahead of this picture, the Word guides you its church ' ' not to be satisfied themselves with this world, but to changed themselves for the renewal of entendimento' ' (Roman 12,2). The evanglica church, therefore, needs to understand its paper next to the society that is to insert itself in the partner-cultural context of its country. Evangelho integral represents then the great challenge of the church in our days. For evangelho integral or integral mission of the church we understand an active participation of the body of Christ next to the society. It is the similarity of Christ to feel sorry itself of the excluded ones and keeping out of society of some social segments. It is to be ' ' Cidad' church; ' in way to a devoid society of citizenship. It is to give bread what it has hunger, to give water what it has headquarters, is to dress the nakeds and to be agents of justice in one full world of injustices. Regarding the envolvement of the Brazilian evanglica church in terms of completeness Battista Soarez it makes the following investigation: How the Brazilian church is seeing the social matters? Where it is? Which its position? It will be that we are following the events or we close the eyes, prisoners in the conformismo, while they progress in galopante and frightful scale? After all of accounts, who are we in the quality of church-body of Christ and social church-body? What we are making? Which our contributions, as Christian, for the confrontation of the social problems that they devastate the world where we live? (SOAREZ, 2007:31) We perceive in its speaks that the integral performance of the Brazilian evanglicas churches next to the social matters is passvel of questionings.